The Fashion Show of Peter Som

The whole show of Peter Som was full of aftertaste design and cheerful atmosphere that let people see the ice lolly, postcards, mimosa and the shadow. In the background, the designer talked about the ideas that gave him special inspiration. They were Miami Beach, the famous collector Peggy Guggenhiem and optical art.He said, "I hope that I can bring happiness to the clothes. For me, this is complete meaning of fashion." There are indeed some reasons that Some can feel happy. Last year's major economic crisis did not unduly affect his business. The clothes on the stage were still showing a strong sense of excitement. Som loves to mix the printing patterns together with different colors and materials. Sometimes, these combinations may be even all included in one garment. For example, he designed a grey knitted sweater that was mixed with a brown bulk coat. In addition to use the high enchanting marble texture, the postcard printing patterns and soft flower satin, the simple T-shirt and the variable short skirts are shown over and over again in this bright colors cycle.These are all showing that while this brand is popular with the city woman, it begins to be loved by normal people. The bright shirts have a strong contrast neckline. The dresses are in somewhat like the old apron. The short pants are just to the thigh high. The model looks really tall as the hills of Mary Jane shoes are high, which is designed by Charlotte Olympia. These shoes will be loved by many fashion fans. Generally speaking, the future is clearer than 18 months ago to Som. At least he does not need to worry about his design.