Dress Up Games and Fashion Shows

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Fashion shows are dress up games at their very finest. Some of the many games online include virtual fashion shows, but you can have even more fun creating your own version of a fashion show - especially if you have friends over or a sister or two to play along.Start with the Dress up Games You can not have a fashion show without something new and exciting to wear. Dig through your dress up clothing in your play room and then go through your closet, bags your friends brought and perhaps your mom's closet to find fun items to wear for the event. Plan out your fashions ahead of time and look for all of the accessories and detail you will need to make it a success.Hair and Make Up for Dress up Games and Fashion Shows Your next step is to get your hair and make up finished for the big show. Of course, this means that you will be doing each others hair and applying make up. If you are working with plenty of time to spare, perhaps at a sleepover, go wild with hot curlers and flat irons to make this a truly special event. Apply make up like the stars do with much glam and glitter. After all, you have to shine up on the stage.Preparing for the Fashion ShowSpeaking of stages, you will want to be sure that you have a stage to walk down as part of the show. You can set one up using tape or yardsticks down the center of a room. If you have a long hallway in your home, you are in even better luck. The stairs might also be an option, but be careful walking on stairs if you are wearing shoes you are not very comfortable in. It is probably better to walk the "catwalk" in the living room or wherever everyone is most comfortable.When it is time to actually start the show, someone should turn on the music and the fashion show begins. The first person marches down the catwalk in their stylish dress up games outfit and then she is followed by the next individual. You take turns walking down the runway with your various outfits on until you have run out of things to wear.You will need to change fashions quickly just like a real fashion show and do as much as you can to make the entire event seem real. Pretend there is an audience ready to review your walk and your style. Perhaps one person can even be the designer and dress everyone. You will want to take turns with this role, of course, to give all party guests a chance to be in charge of the dress up games.Recording the Fashion Show If you want to enjoy the fashion show more than once, you can easily record the whole thing using your video camera, or even a phone if you get it propped up just right. If you are at a slumber party, let one person volunteer to become the director and video grapher. When it is all said and done, the best event of the evening might be watching the final product of the fashion show together - the video.

Outshining Fashion Concepts

There are many types of accessories used by the people across the globe. In fact it is the wish of each and every person to dress well in the society without facing any issues with the passage of time. The Eco fashion trends keeps on changing from time to time and there are many people interested in moving on with respect to the changing fashion concepts but it is your duty to get hold of the right accessories that suit them without causing any issues with the passage of time. It is true that people are giving importance to the comfort level rather than trying to use any kind of accessory.
Also there are many people giving importance to the price tags associated with these accessories as the overall expense rates are moving up from time to time without facing any issues with the passage of time. There are many things that could be dealt in an economical way. There are many providers trying to give out all the required products to the people in lowest possible price ranges and considering these facts people are constantly in search of good quality accessories that last for reasonable amount of time at the best possible price deals. You might be actually thinking about the aspect behind giving out the products at low cost and this is mainly due to the fact of making use of the recycled products that was already used to certain extent. 

The most amazing thing is that most of these beautifully crafted products are actually hand made wherein you are given the opportunity to get hold of the finely crafted products without making any issues with the passage of time. It is natural that you might be facing many issues with respect to these products as they are handled in the virtual world. It is common that people are actually scared of e commerce ventures mainly due to the increasing identity theft as well as due to the fraud activities happening in the sector. Most of the ventures are trying to give out at most security to all the activities wherein you are not required to give out any bank details. Also you will be able to carry on with the activities by making use of many plastic sources without any issues. ethical gifts are of great demand everywhere.There are many ventures running successfully world wide wherein you just need to pay only nominal amount in order to get hold of the hand made products like handmade gifts,environmentally friendly bags etc.

Spring Fashion Show

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Spring is a good time to treat yourself to a fashion show.To begin, ask yourself whether you still have clothes you wore 20 years ago? Matching bridesmaid dresses and shoes, maybe in multiples, in direct relation to the number of times you were bridesmaid?Eliminate Extra Sizes:What about keeping several size ranges of clothes because you're going to lose weight to fit into them again? The larger sizes, especially, are temptation. It's too easy to allow ourselves to move up into a larger size if the clothes are there.And, once you fit into the smallest size you have, you may decide you don't like them any more. That happened to me-I carried a box of clothes around with me for years until I fit into them again, then when they did fit, I ended up giving them away. The styles and colors looked awful on me!Prime Real Estate:A closet is prime real estate in your home. Don't waste it by storing clothing that you don't wear. An organized closet will help you get ready for your day more quickly and you will know you always look your best.The first step to this involves sorting what you have in that stuffed closet.
1.    Remove everything from your closet and try on each item with the accessories you wear with it.
2.    Hold your own fashion show, try combining items that you usually haven't worn together-they might give you more combination options in the future.
3.    If the outfit doesn't fit, if you don't like the color any more, if the color doesn't like you any more, or if it doesn't suit your lifestyle, put it aside.
4.    If the item needs fixing or cleaning, put it aside to have that done.
5.    If it looks great on you, you feel wonderful in it and it's ready to wear, hang it back in your closet.Be sure to have bags handy to hold the cleaning, repairs and donations. The cleaning and repairs can be taken to the appropriate places right away. What remains will be ready to wear.Party Time:Once you've removed all the items from your closet that you don't intend to wear again, invite your friends over with their cast-offs. Host a fashion show, or a closet party with the items in your donation bag and theirs. Enjoy a girls' evening with appropriate refreshment, entertainment and lots of laughter.The evening's agenda could go something like this:
1.    Try on each others clothes, accessories, etc to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe.
2.    Throw conservatism aside to benefit from your friends' talents for color and accessory combination if they're different from yours.
3.    Take the remainder to the charity of your choice. Remember, your goal is to clear out once, not several times dealing with the same clothes.After The Party:Reward yourself when done. Watch for sales to stretch your best wardrobe and enjoy more use from the items you kept. Never bring anything into your home without getting rid of something. And never buy anything that doesn't go with something you already have. That's a waste of money.Another thought-we wear 20 per cent of our clothes 80 per cent of the time. That's most of our closet filled with clothes we rarely wear. Is it worth having a closet crammed with items that are never worn?In Future:To help with next season's purge. Turn all the hangers the opposite way on the closet rod. After you've tried on or worn an outfit, hang it back the normal way. By doing this, you will always know what you wear often and what you don't.Being organized about your closet means having your clothes clean, in good repair and ready to wear, without needing ironing when they come out of the closet. It's a time saver too, knowing that everything is ready to wear whenever you need it. And, you'll always look your best.

School Fundraising Ideas - The Fashion Show

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Schools are constantly in need of funds. There are many fun activities available to help raise money such as worm charming or a car wash but a great favourite that involves everyone is the fashion show.Whilst a fashion show will take a lot of planning (several months), the event can really pay off. The school raises money by ticket sales, a raffle on the night and commission from clothes sales so it is potentially a good money spinner.Seeing clothes close up can sway a persons decision on whether or not to buy so it is also good for the audience, plus its always nice to see friends and family modelling. Getting outside help with the show is useful and there are companies specialising in this sort of thing. They will often supply a PA system, music, till, carrier bags and a full length mirror. Make sure the company you go has experience of putting on fashion shows and that their stock is appealing to your audience. It will also be useful if they have the means to accept credit and debit card payment as this will increase your sales on the night.You will need to decide whether you want to include refreshments in the ticket price and how much profit you are hoping to make on the night. Be realistic as you don't want to put people off with the ticket price. The venue you choose will need to be big enough to seat everyone expected and it needs to have a flat floor. A raised stage area will be an added bonus as it will make the catwalk more of a feature. Plenty of electrical points will be needed, as will a room for the models to change. Changing rooms for the audience to use after the show will also be required. The school hall may be suitable, but if not, consider the village hall or other venues nearby. Seating will also need to be sourced.A good turn out is needed for the show so you will need to market it to your target audience which will probably largely consist of parents. Send a press release to the local paper, notify the parish magazine and make up posters to put up near the school. The school art department should be quite handy with the posters.Pupils, staff and parents can all be used as models. Several rehearsals will be required so that everyone knows what to do on the night.With careful planning, your fundraising fashion show should be a great night out and a financial success too.