Matrix Eyewear - Matrix Eyewear For Fashion Show

Hi. I was organizing a charity event to raise money and came up with the idea of a fashion show. I didn't know what I would be doing it on but seen matrix eyewear which gave me the idea of a matrix theme which I thought was a pretty good idea because it is so popular. It turns out that it was so popular that everyone wanted to model in it so I ordered the complete sunglasses package of matrix eyewear.It was a high school fashion show to raise money for uganda. A few dressmakers kindly offered to attempt to make the outfits from the matrix so I thought the sunglasses of matrix eyewear would be the final touch.Matrix eyewear have 6 characters from the matrix to choose from but 9 sunglasses overall. They range in price from $30 to $50 or the complete package of all the sunglasses is $149 which saves you $169. I didn't realize how good that value was because I have seen websites selling just one pair of the matrix sunglasses for that much which is insane.I noticed that matrix eyewear had a few offers on at the time I made my order which were free delivery to anywhere, buy two pairs get neos free and every order gets a free microfiber bag. So those are pretty good offers. After I made my order of matrix eyewear I received an email from them saying thanks and that my order was dispatched which I thought was pretty quick and friendly service.About three days later and during the rehearsal for the fashion show the sunglasses arrived from matrix eyewear in a plain brown box. The box was well padded and the sunglasses were well protected. Unfortunately the only thing I don't like about them is that morpheus sunglasses are the only ones that come with a hard case. For the rest we just had to make do with a microfiber bag which was only really good for just keeping them clean.I don't know much about the matrix but got the models to try on the matrix eyewear sunglasses and I have to admit they looked pretty good. They fitted them well and had a very strong tint and shiny reflection of them. There was a pair that didn't have any legs, morpheus i think it was, they just squeezed on. I was amazed how well they stayed on and the model said they were very comfortable to.I asked the models wearing them what they thought of the matrix eyewear sunglasses and I got excited responses such as, "they are awesome, love em, are exactly like the ones from the films and one even asked can I keep them!" So the models were very pleased with the sunglasses and the outfits were looking great as well.On the day of the fashion show, everything went as well as it could have, we reached are target amount and the models were happy with their performance so I let them keep the matrix eyewear sunglasses.Overall matrix eyewear are fantastic and I recommend them to anyone else that is looking for them are even wants to do a fashion show as well. The models asked me how much they were and couldn't believe what I told them so I think they all went and bought some more for themselves. other than the hardcase problem everything about matrix eyewear is perfect.