Dress Up Games and Fashion Shows

English: Slava Zaitsev fashion show

Fashion shows are dress up games at their very finest. Some of the many games online include virtual fashion shows, but you can have even more fun creating your own version of a fashion show - especially if you have friends over or a sister or two to play along.Start with the Dress up Games You can not have a fashion show without something new and exciting to wear. Dig through your dress up clothing in your play room and then go through your closet, bags your friends brought and perhaps your mom's closet to find fun items to wear for the event. Plan out your fashions ahead of time and look for all of the accessories and detail you will need to make it a success.Hair and Make Up for Dress up Games and Fashion Shows Your next step is to get your hair and make up finished for the big show. Of course, this means that you will be doing each others hair and applying make up. If you are working with plenty of time to spare, perhaps at a sleepover, go wild with hot curlers and flat irons to make this a truly special event. Apply make up like the stars do with much glam and glitter. After all, you have to shine up on the stage.Preparing for the Fashion ShowSpeaking of stages, you will want to be sure that you have a stage to walk down as part of the show. You can set one up using tape or yardsticks down the center of a room. If you have a long hallway in your home, you are in even better luck. The stairs might also be an option, but be careful walking on stairs if you are wearing shoes you are not very comfortable in. It is probably better to walk the "catwalk" in the living room or wherever everyone is most comfortable.When it is time to actually start the show, someone should turn on the music and the fashion show begins. The first person marches down the catwalk in their stylish dress up games outfit and then she is followed by the next individual. You take turns walking down the runway with your various outfits on until you have run out of things to wear.You will need to change fashions quickly just like a real fashion show and do as much as you can to make the entire event seem real. Pretend there is an audience ready to review your walk and your style. Perhaps one person can even be the designer and dress everyone. You will want to take turns with this role, of course, to give all party guests a chance to be in charge of the dress up games.Recording the Fashion Show If you want to enjoy the fashion show more than once, you can easily record the whole thing using your video camera, or even a phone if you get it propped up just right. If you are at a slumber party, let one person volunteer to become the director and video grapher. When it is all said and done, the best event of the evening might be watching the final product of the fashion show together - the video.