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Red Sofa Factory

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Fashionable Milan street Pats Cambridge Satchel Fashion Show

The 2012 summer is coming, has been a month, the weather is more and more warm at first glance, but a lot of the trend of the handsome guys who has gradually medium-sized up to act the role of a killer. Take off the coat of massiness and feather coat has, in addition to the traditional squares, thin cotton shirt of light color suits, nine points of the small trousers, and bright Cambridge satchel, this year is to add a variety of fresh designs.
This some more deserve thanks women give enlightenment and enlightenment, make this some warm Laurie accessories, also can make the patron saint of adornment more trend. Today let's, as he sees them to put this some general parts a tan it.
Yes is the stockings, you no wrong. Do not think that beautiful leg just lady of the gate of the patent. As the years man boots pants, suit the popularity of the breeches, the man to come to light on the adornment of leg ministry is the more appears bold and rich originality. Different from the past the men used to wear pants leg Lou boots in 2011, this year of the cold weather made the men are more willing to to his leg better. All kinds of hair cotton stockings and render pants, color best exaggeration. This assembly it first appears some teasing of the lovely, but actually such bold neutral dress up increased man dress collocation of administrative levels feels.
2011 years of the pants boots the tide of popular greatly this year will still continue, but should be short, the length to show his knee. Don't be afraid of this dress up enough of the grave, stockings don't scared, itself of men's clothing design mainstream this year is gorgeous color and further liberate the bondage. Boots pants to also do not want to match boots, colorful leather shoes is also reveal personality characteristics of the window. Upper body can put on his grave suit, even a tuxedo, lower body is put on the trend of their own it.
Warm color silk scarves in 2011 has been a very fashionable. This year the popular to more extreme-silk scarves, or pink department. Powder, powder blue, green, pink is tender in how will god like horses. If you don't know where to go buy such a custom men's clothing, you also embarrassed to choose to wear the girl at the counter. Can borrow directly with his girlfriend, because this year the most popular elegant man type silk, are ladies in scarves scarf is most common design. But when they and hale material of men's suits coats, and plover case design clothing relates in together, the effect is met very awe.

 At that time no matter pop carpenter band or the beatles, each have a few pieces of thin leg feet pants poster full at streets. In the past few years, thin leg feet pants is very popular in the field of women's dress, almost every woman in the winter for the winter before the skirt outfit ready to article so several thin leg of the pants with beef tendon, color is colorful. Slim men is also very love in recent such pants, the style be also very feminine, like the trend of the men can more ready to a few more. Moreover, if you want to be more fashion you can also wear a Cambridge satchel bag. we provide you fashion and cheap Cambridge Satchel coupon code. and make your cambridge satchel more wonderful by embossing your names on your bag.

Behind the Scenes at a Fashion Show

Ever wondered what lies behind the glitz and glamor of a fashion show? If you watch fashion shows on TV, no doubt the grandeur and style of the whole event would have impressed you. If you were lucky enough to watch the action live, the atmosphere can be overwhelming. If putting together a fashion show looks easy then, it is all thanks to a hardworking, 24-hour event management team that is usually the brains and hands behind such a glamorous do.Before the concept for a fashion show can be decided upon, the designer has to decide on the kind of collection he wants and then create an initial portfolio. Designers get inspired by anything and most of them weave the designs and patterns in their clothes around a single theme; for example, symmetric patterns with earth colors for an autumn collection. Whether the collection featured is going to be Ready to Wear or Haute Couture also needs to be finalized. Once the collection is ready, the next decision to make is where to feature the collection and when. Cities such as Paris, Milan and London have been called the world's fashion hotspots for many years. Most designers have their favorite places, depending where the bulk of their clientele comes from. Once the city is decided upon, setting up the stage and ramp for the event comes next. Location is of utmost importance- halls or stadiums which offer the latest in lighting and other facilities give creators the freedom to plan a great theme. For instance, chandeliers and other fancy lighting can help jazz up a room immensely.The theme often sets the tone for the collection and for the evening as well. What's a fashion show without music? The genre of music played can help bring out the best in the collection and set the tone for the evening. Those who can afford it even hire live singers or DJ's. Needless to say, the music changes with the mood of the collection and also for the intended clientele. Deciding on the models is next. Of late, a lot of designers venture to create fashion for 'real women', and so models who aren't exactly a size zero are quite common. Make up artists and hair stylists work tirelessly to create a new look or hairdo to match the clothes and style quotient. The guest list is important too. After all, no designer wants to miss out on inviting his best clients to his show. That's where the paparazzi and the media come in too. After all, more the media coverage, the better the exposure the designer and his collection gets. The front row is where you are most likely to see fashion editors and other style experts, jot down notes, shake their heads or just observe. Fashion shows of veteran designers like Valentino or Versace however, are bound to get a full house no matter how small or big the collection really is. Cocktails, a lavish buffet, live TV appearances and interviews are the preferred norm to end such a star studded event.

The Fashion Show of Peter Som

The whole show of Peter Som was full of aftertaste design and cheerful atmosphere that let people see the ice lolly, postcards, mimosa and the shadow. In the background, the designer talked about the ideas that gave him special inspiration. They were Miami Beach, the famous collector Peggy Guggenhiem and optical art.He said, "I hope that I can bring happiness to the clothes. For me, this is complete meaning of fashion." There are indeed some reasons that Some can feel happy. Last year's major economic crisis did not unduly affect his business. The clothes on the stage were still showing a strong sense of excitement. Som loves to mix the printing patterns together with different colors and materials. Sometimes, these combinations may be even all included in one garment. For example, he designed a grey knitted sweater that was mixed with a brown bulk coat. In addition to use the high enchanting marble texture, the postcard printing patterns and soft flower satin, the simple T-shirt and the variable short skirts are shown over and over again in this bright colors cycle.These are all showing that while this brand is popular with the city woman, it begins to be loved by normal people. The bright shirts have a strong contrast neckline. The dresses are in somewhat like the old apron. The short pants are just to the thigh high. The model looks really tall as the hills of Mary Jane shoes are high, which is designed by Charlotte Olympia. These shoes will be loved by many fashion fans. Generally speaking, the future is clearer than 18 months ago to Som. At least he does not need to worry about his design.